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TradItIonal MarketIng
Branding – Brand name development, logo creation, complete graphic themes and identities, design and architecture, team activities, identity guidelines and standards, and related.

PR – Building beneficial relationships, enhance a company’s image and the products and services it offers

Advertising – Complete creative and production for print, TV, radio, online, outdoor

Event Marketing – Trade shows and live events. Webcasts and virtual events. Event promotion and coordination.

New Product Launch – Successful product launch requires marketing excellence. From branding to all aspects of digital. Sales and dealer communications, and related.

Sponsorship Deals (Prospecting; Closing Sponsorship Deals)

DIgItal MarketIng
– Website Development (Website coding and design)
– SEO/SEM (Improve organic search traffic to your website with on-page and off-page
search engine optimization)
– Paid Search (Drive qualified traffic to your website and increase conversions.
Google AdWords and Bing Ads certified)
– PPC (Pay Per Click) and Paid Media
– Social Media Marketing and Management (Facbeook, Instagram, Google, YouTube,
Twitter, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, TikTok and etc.)
– Content Creation and Marketing (Blogging, inbound marketing, thought leadership,
and gated strategic content for lead generation)
– Content Protection (Protecting your digital content from pirates)
– Video Marketing
– Email Marketing (Nurture prospects through the sales cycle with E-news, push
notifications, and auto-responders. Every platform and CRM)
– Ecommerce
Technology MarketIng
– IT – If your company requires IT support there are several different options available.
– Software/Applications – Using solid expertise in mobile apps and software
development, our team will help you create practical and seamless experiences on
any device and get the best of mobile technology for your business.
– Analytics and Reporting (Make data-driven decisions with advanced analytics and
reporting. Google Analytics certified)
– ERP design and implementation services
PartnershIp Program
We offer you to benefit from Digital Silk Road’s official partners through our “Partnership
– ILSVISION was founded in 2010 under the name of ILS GMBH in Berlin and has
been recognized in the sector, furthermore ascertained its success by incorporating
the multi-channel network system in its services. Turkey’s largest internet television
ILSVISION Multimedia Company manages, advanced technological infrastructure
and protects your content with experts in the field all over the world.
– ILS VISION reaches audiences from all over the world.
– ILS VISION reaches an average of 300 million viewers per month
– ILS VISION has pioneered the YouTube Partnership in Turkey and has been
Turkey’s door leading to YouTube
b. Google
– Google My Business Management
– Google Maps

– Google SEO
– Amplify your presence on Google
– Enhance listing engagement
– Increase phone calls, bookings, and website visits
– Boost your competitive advantage
– Positively influence your local rankings
c. YouTube
– YouTube channel development – creation of a new channel, uploading video
content, optimizing video metadata
– YouTube channel management — video content storage, uploading, publishing,
– YouTube video SEO – optimize video to capture placement with targeted keywords
– YouTube Analytics – reporting and analysis on video and channel performance
d. Kids Marketing Program
– Kids Growth Planning
– Kids Content Creation
– Kids Content Implementation
– Ad Tech Solution with an algorithm
– Expanding the reach of your ad campaigns in the open web
– Protecting your DATA from competitors with blockchain advertising

BenefIts of workIng wIth us
– Worldwide connections
– Becoming official partner with ILSVISON, Google and YouTube
– Influence your consumer;#39;s purchase decisions
– Deeply understand marketing strategy
– Embrace creative change
– Working closely with existing team
– Fast and professional execution
– Customer care and assistance